12 Oct 2010

Time Sync

I have still not seriously used Jt65 much as I had been having issues with “Time” synchronisation – I had installed and run D4 (Sometimes it seemed to work – sometimes not) although it was telling me updating had occurred.

To be honest I had not really delved into it too much  and as a consequence it just got left – I had assumed it WAS ok as I had been using Wspr last week without any hitch.

This morning I decided to take another look at Jt65 Hf, primarily just to check out activity and band conditions as the CW end of the band seemed very quiet, and once the sequence had started I noticed the timing was way way out – some 9s in fact – D4 popped up a window telling me it needed to update by that amount, surely this cannot be right ?

Anyhow the upshot was that Win7 by default has it’s own internet time sync built in, and running D4 was causing a conflict (at least one would assume so) ?!

De-activating D4 and powering up Jt65Hf again seems to have worked – its down to me I guess as I just did’nt take the time out to investigate fully – simple solutions??




  1. Hi Peter, my Dimension4 seems to work. My default synchronization of Windows 7 won't work. I don't know why. aaargh... computers. 73 Paul

  2. Hello Pau:
    Thats odd - mine appears to be ok now D4's off - also dont forget HRD/DM780 has it's own default time sync settings as well - cud possibly upset something? (Just a thought) Just fired up JT again and its fine - been out in garden 17c - very nice !
    73 Peter

  3. Hi Peter,
    I use Meinberg NTP software with Vista and they support Win7 as well. I find it works very well. Recommended.

    73 André

  4. Hi Andre
    Think Julian (G4ILO) Mentioned Meinberg last week or so might give it a try, (remembering to disable win's) own... just a thought is everyone importing their JT65 adif's into their main logbook I wonder?!


  5. Yes, I don't know why people always recommend this Dimension4 program. NTP is the official internet time standard, you can't get more definitive than that, Meinberg is the Windows version of that and it is free too so there is no reason not to use it. And it disables the Windows time service automatically on installation to avoid conflicts. Just remember to also disable D4. :)

    Yes, I import my JT65 ADIFs into my main logbook. I then post eQSLs from there and export them to GlobalQSL for printing - hopefully the nonstandard signal report doesn't cause a problem.

  6. Hello Julian:

    Thanks for the info re: your Jt65 Log etc... I was looking at it today - I thought thats what folks did - that way it's easier to sort and view your contacts, Thanks.
    Right now going to check out the Meinberg site.



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