20 Oct 2010


Have been having a look at this “QRSS” – its not for me, but did manage to capture this image – and appears to be the only station I’m hearing on 20m  - it’s the best I could manage !!

argonkx00005 It appears to show a trace of the OH2B  beacon – Here  -  I  was expecting to see  a screen showing more activity, there were one or two other beacons on but were very weak indeed, even increasing the size of the image would not reveal a callsign, however I will check occasionally to see if I can capture any of our fellow bloggers.


  1. Hello Peter, I was transmitting on 20 meter with QRSS but there was no sign for any other activity. I was the only one so far I can see (with 50 milliwatt) and no other feedback. Maybe I will try more on 40 or 80 meter at night. Maybe there is more to do. It is not something for making a quick qso, that's for sure. 73 Paul

  2. Transmitting yesterday morning and early afternoon for about 3 hours QRSS.

  3. Hi Paul
    Its a bit like Wspr I guess but with out the decode, also its cw, quite possibly more robust under poor cond'x - I'll be looking for you - I suspect 80m would be better at night time - If I ever do spot your 50mW trace I'll let you know.

    73 Peter

  4. I think most of the QRSS activity is on 30m. There is a comment from Hans G0UPL who produced the kit that I built that the 30m kits went like hotcakes and sold out while there was not much demand for other bands. After the QRP convention I expect he will sell a lot more so there should be an increase in activity in the next few weeks as the kits get built.

  5. I have had a look on 30m 10.140.100 but too crowded with Psk. I will be keeping an eye on this mode - It has not won me over yet but its interesting especially with the power levels being used.


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