10 Oct 2010

Palm Sync

Back in 2005 I got a Palm Tungsten 5 which included desktop palm, and file transfer software which ran under XP, during the early days of using it I had stored a number of important “Events” which I needed to keep, that I did manage even after my transfer over to Linux later that year, and having tried unsuccessfully using several Linux distro’s to sync my calendar,  Ubuntu came to the rescue and that was the final stopping point – Ubuntu 7.10 and on to version 10.04.

Last month I changed back to “Win”  (7)  …  and had got most of the peripherals working ok, but not my Palm T5, I installed the software I had with the T5 but it would not complete the install telling me it did NOT recognise the O/S,  here we go again !  googling threw up a few options – there was an update of the software I had on CD – so I installed it but the program would not show any options to enable a set-up, just blank – so promptly uninstalled.


I needed a program that would import and show my calendar/To Do’s/Tasks etc…  plus perform a Hot-Sync – I found a Program called EssentialPim of which there are two versions – a  Free-bee, with limited functions,  and a full blown PIM which would offer HotSync,  ability to send all items to e-mail, configure various mail accounts, and most important for me was the ability to talk to my palm and transfer information.

I also found a newer version of Palm HotSync written for vista/win7 – I installed it and although  the desktop part of it does not load,   after a re-boot discovered that the HotSync part of it does load at start-up – so having hooked up the T5 via my new Desktop USB Port, pressed the “HotSync” button and wow !  updated all the T5/Desktop info I had put in last week  -  I was beginning to despair as the info (Dates) were  important to me and I really did need to retain them – at the very least I would have wanted to somehow extract the .ics file to display in any decent Cal software – these dates are a source of reference for me – they are History ! By the way I tried a Bluetooth transfer but it was having none of it either.

Apparently this cannot be done using the “Free” version,  so I purchased the Full Works – It’s very easy to use and as powerful as any PIM I’ve used on Linux.

Screenshot_001 Oct. 10 21.53

Epim today gives a weekly summary of events (In colour) and the calendar is as any other, with repeat/recurrent events set as you want – To Do lists – Notes which can display Hyperlinks and Photographs and can be imported and forwarded as e-mail. A full and detailed contacts list – Mail – I have two accounts set up – and most things can be configured as you want  -  I like the  ability to click on links in the notes section and it opens up your current browser (NOT MS Explorer) Sensible – Note – Taker does the same job  -   and all your info can be kept under one roof  -  I suppose it’s a bit like outlook (ish)  but nowhere near the ridiculous price,  I’ve had it running on my desktop ALL weekend and I’m trying to make it the “Hub” of my activities and note taking I can also use it to make draft post’s, or even run a Log if I have to – the notes also has a “Tree” to the left under which to organise your note-taking – print-outs are clear as well, great for daily/weekly schedules, I love it, so looking for a Personal Information Manager? Try EssentialPim (Especially if you have a Palm T5) which I thought might be rendered useless, thanks to Palm also for updating their HotSync software I can continue using my handheld.

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