23 Oct 2010

More DX


First call in the morning yields more Dx in YV6BFE Jose Luis Castillo, Anzoategui Venezuela – once again on the end fed – it seems fairly consistent and I’m certainly seeing plenty of activity – cond’x seemed pretty good today on 20m.

I must check again later on the CW end.

Also busy here setting up new cellphone as my trusty Samsung has been letting me down lately, it has not been receiving text’s from my xyl of all people ((I know ;-))   )  cannot be such a bad thing I hear you say…

No ! it’s been playing up so have moved over to one of these touchscreen phones – more on that later  - 


  1. Good morning, Yes conditions over this way have been very good as well. The propagation has been very encouraging sun spots are up....well today they are down along with a strong solar wind. But over all we have seen a good turn around in conditions.

  2. Hi - Hoping conditions keep improving, there has been some 10m activity this week - worked a few on cw, long may it continue !


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