9 Oct 2010

Microwave smoker

Whilst sitting watching early evening Tv on saturday the power suddenly went off, I immediately thought (Power Cut) I grabbed my torch and went straight to the consumer box and noticed the RCCB had tripped (Appliance fault),  but where ?

I flicked it back on by which time the XYL had returned to the kitchen to be greeted by a loud “Pop” followed by that familiar pungent  electrical smell, checked kettle/Hob/Freezer/Fridge/Lights/Oven/microwave --- cor whats that smell, open door and smoke !  It’s the Microwave:

Now – the unit was not running, but still plugged into the power socket, AND, SHE  (Bless her), had left some cooked beetroots in the oven which had caused quite a bit of condesation, and my theory is that it had found its way into the magnetron/condenser compartment (High Voltage Capacitor) where it reacted with the ever present voltage and caused it to arc (It might not have been that at all – but just a fault) BUT it’s not something to mess with – It’s being replaced tomorrow (Sunday). I would be interested to hear if anyone else might have their own “Microwave” experiences or theories to share…!  -  boy it does smell… orrible  !


Screenshot_001 Oct. 09 19.34

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