19 Oct 2010

In the shack

When I should be getting on doing something useful !

I saw on the DX cluster there was a 10m opening so had a few cw contacts up there – I’ve not been on the key much lately and was hankering for a cw fix  - I really enjoyed it, as you have not got the bother of constantly having to check audio  input /Tx/ALC levels, which can get tiresome with these Digimodes.

Yesterday I was monitoring JT65 again and was surprised to see so much activity, and I did seem to be hearing a good deal of it too.

Screenshot_001 Oct. 19 12.15 The end fed is working well on 20m, I only use up to 15w max and its enough to work some decent dx – at the moment it has the edge over the dipole I’d say – it’s less efficient on 80 but it works :

I was also pleased to Qso with Francesco, YV4GJN using this  fascinating mode, he’s down in Valencia, Edo. Carabobo, Venezuela – also KT1B James, in Haverhill MA  -  all good stuff.

yv4gjn Francesco YV4GJN   -  from QRZ.com


  1. Hello Peter, that makes JT65 wonderful. With low power working DX. An end fed dipole is most of the time a mono band antenna. With the matchbox (LC circuit) the end fed is tuned (in my case) it can be tuned on other bands, but it will be less then the band where it is made for. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul
    Yes the End Fed is doing just fine here - I will be keeping this one up - I am gathering bits to make up some more - what I really like is I have gained some bands - good Swr on all bands - 40m very fine tune though (I use manual tuning). Do not trust built in tuner as it recognises low swr as 3.1 at least - Efficient ? I'm working DX and thats good enough for me.

    73 Peter


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