6 Oct 2010

Hello Paul . . . !

Left my set up on 40m, and I just popped in to see what was cooking and noticed Paul PC4T was reporting me on Wspr, though have not spotted PC4T as yet – interesting, I I guess we’re not actually THAT far apart,  out of interest my antenna runs broadside at about 135/315 degrees


Screenshot_006 Oct. 06 12.14 Screenshot_005 Oct. 06 12.12


  1. Hi Peter, yes I noticed you on my screen. After 11.57 UTC I switched to my FT817 and 0,5 output and indoor Miracle whip and received you also. It's strange that you do not received my signal. GWØOAJ did reported me with 0,5 watt and I received his 0,5 watt as well. On my inverted V dipole I received DL6NL with 50 milliwatts. WSPR is very interesting. Now 14.43 I switched to 5 watt and my FT5450 with 5 watt into my Inv V Dipole. 73 Paul

  2. Hello Peter, WSPR 2.1 seems to be more sensitive. I really have to get back to WSPR again. The real challenge is to do WSPR with 1W or less. Great software. 73, Bas

  3. HI Paul - Bas
    Yes it is good and interesting to see the result where your sigs are heard, my set up has now reported you Paul between 1 and 5dB - i se your now on 5w - I do not understand how we can copy a station, but not copy another who might be only a few Kms away, even running the same power - must be something to do with station set up, lots of interesting possibilities
    73 Peter


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