5 Oct 2010

End Fed Up !

The wx was kind to me yesterday after the weekend’s deluge and manged to get outside for some antenna rigging – my pulley system let me down, the loop (which proved too long) must have jammed over the top of the pole and required some ladder work to free it – that done we were clear to erect.

My intention was to have both dipole AND end fed together however this proved awkward and so just replaced the dipole.

First impressions are positive, starting from 80m –> up managed to find tuning points for all the bands except 12 and 10m which seemed rather flat, however I will return to those later – 40m did not tune as well as I’d hoped but with careful tuning had very good matching on 80/30/20/17/15 meter bands, 40m IS  around 1.2:1 – all this with the manual tuner – the auto atu  built into the rig would not tune on 40 either but I’m basically happy having gained three bands .

I scanned across all bands and there was plenty of activity, not sure if it was just conditions yesterday afternoon but noticed quite a few US stations  plus a couple of JA’s and VE’s – still early days yet and I would like to perform some more test’s here before I’m really sure.

This morning I took a quick look on 40m and the noise level had dropped off from last night (80m was the same)  and did notice close EU stations were up in strength,  but that‘s possibly due to my re-orientating the antennas position.


  1. It's funny how we plan for things to turn out and how they actually do tune out. I have had my fill of antenna work. Not sure why 40 is acting up the way it is...maybe something up with the trap?

  2. Good Morning
    Still early days - will be able to use all bands I reckon, I was keen to see if 80m worked out (It does) and 10/17/20 so I've gained some bands, how efficient it is ? we just need to test it !
    But looking good

    73 Peter

  3. Hello Peter, good job, indeed it's the most important part: efficiency. My vertical had a good flat SWR but I think the efficiency was poor. Good luck with testing, 73 Paul

  4. Is this with the homebrew or SRC?

    I do find antenna rigging, installing and tuning very time consuming. I think I will only be a couple hours and then spend most of the day ... XYL doesn't understand this.

  5. Hi All - Thanks for replies - initial testing is using the SRC End Fed, my version is still on the bench, I was keen to get it up, but it's given me some encouragement - just listening on 14020, VE3WU CW going around 40wpm (computer generated surely) ? mind boggling!


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