10 Oct 2010

Electrical Gremlins Strike Again

Well – after last nights  “Microwave” incident we were struck again this morning  by the “Gremlins”, whilst we we’re just sitting discussing the weeks upcoming work schedule over a coffee  “Bang”, (what was that?)  smoke emanating from the Dishwasher, I pulled the power and checked the RCB, and that circuit had tripped, it’s a different circuit to the one the Microwave was on – our kitchen has two ring mains (we incorporated an old circuit when we moved here).
Upon removal I could see that the back of the unit was heavily corroded and had inDSC00624 fact been leaking, made visible by the calcium build-up at the back and the bituminous material that had lifted, looked like a seam had started leaking !  – sure enough water had seeped into the main connector at the rear of the machine, hence the sparks – so another domestic appliance hits the dust in two days – now just waiting for something else to “POP”, these things seem to go in three’s.

DSC00627 Above – Wet connector block – bit of a mess !


  1. Hi Peter, oh boy, I think your place is haunted. Take care... ;-) 73 Paul

  2. Hi Peter, lets hope that the old saying doesn't come true, gets expensive then, if it's not already !

    73 and fingers crossed..

  3. I guess you're glad you got some circuit breakers. Imagine what would happen without them...73, Bas

  4. It's unbeleivable - Never in my entire life have I seen domestic appliances fail one after the other - the appliances are coming up to around 11 years old, so on average they've done ok - waiting for the next failure ?!*"!
    Hope it's not the Pc's....

    73 Peter

  5. You've obviously done something to catch Murphy's attention, hopefully he'll soon move on, as long as it isn't to here!

  6. Well the new Microwave is in it's place - and a new dishwasher is scheduled for a "Wednesday" delivery - plus a host of other things going on this week, I will be struggling to find some "Airtime", might try to get some early mornings in. fingers crossed we have no further failures.



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