27 Oct 2010

Domestic Bliss ?

Not quite – the freezer went up in a plume of smoke – the electrical curse strikes for a third time – this time it’s the quick freeze switch which has snuffed it – its built into the top front panel just inside the door and it arced across and burned the rubber seal inside the door – the switch is totalled !Devil

Of course it’s out of guarantee as it’s 12 yrs old, but to be fair it has lasted pretty well, it’s (German)  though not actually known for being the best with electrics, we have in the past owned two well known German cars, (both) suffered with mysterious electrical faults which not even computerised fault finding equipment could solve – we swapped for Fords. Smile

I would have taken a photo of the blackened mess but I was so disgusted with it I  took it straight for re-cycling .


Happy Days


  1. Hello Peter, again bad luck....but 12 years is absolutely not bad for a freezer. Time to buy a class A+ one that saves you some energy.
    My parents had VW's in the past, they were not that lucky with it. And a uncle drives VW all his live, but his last car a 2006 passat has some serious electrical problems. I had one mazda in the past but then only had toyotas, currently own 2. Never had any electrical issues apart from a broken lightbulb. But all our kitchen equipment is german though ;-) 73, Bas

  2. Hi Bas:

    Ok on the cars - my xyl had a Renault 5 Turbo a few years back, plagued with problems - Melting throttle cables, 2 handbrake failures, overheating Turbo, we had it towed away 4 times ! she actually changed it for a VW Golf (Very nice car) no troubles.
    Fords ? No Problems either.
    I also have an MGF - it's wonderful so comfortable an I love it, its a 1.8 VVC Modified and brings out the boy racer - I cant help it ;-)

    73 Peter


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