29 Sep 2010

UK Bandplan

Witness one altercation on 40m earlier today in which two UK stations were busily conducting a Psk contact (inside the narrow band section of 40m)  – all was going well and as the qso was about to conclude someone jumped in and started making unsavoury comments, re their frequency, plus a few other things  – well I happened to be monitoring that frequency where a previous contact had already taken place – this guy chipped in going on about bandplans and such, no callsign was given to my knowledge, then started up on cw !! correct me if I’m wrong but does it not clearly state that 7.000-7.035 is for cw,  and 7.035-7,038 is for narrow band modes with a maximum bandwidth of 500khz ?  This contact was clearly inside the “right” portion of the band  - I though we had passed all this !


  1. Hi Peter, hum, strange behaviour sometimes on HF bands. I am afraid we can't do nothing about, but ignore. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul
    I am disappointed to see this, its petty - everyone to their own. He continued his rant in cw as well !

    73 Peter

  3. Where has this idiot been the last few years? How long has PSK31 been operating just above 7.035? I do think some of our number need their heads seeing to.

  4. Its incredible - I could not believe what I was seeing come up on screen - I then realised what was happening - but to then continue in CW ! The two stations did manage to finish their qso but must have wondered if they were indeed on the wrong frequency - to me there was no doubt they were well inside their "Digi" allocation.

  5. http://www.iaru-r1.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=175&Itemid=127

  6. Interesting - Just checked, indeed there appears to have been an amendment - but psk'ers still centred on 7035.*** ?


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