6 Sep 2010

To win or not to Win

That is my question - I run Linux as my main desktop - it caters for my every need, office apps, synchronising my palm-handy, I use it for listening to my music collection, updating blogs, and playing with web stuff and  my Browsers are tuned as I want them, passwords are all stored etc... and I have most of the files I want backed up on an external drive. On my old laptop I have XP which has now started displaying errors, and it's decided not to run Wsjt, Jt65HF (wont even install) , plus a few others, although the old version of HRD runs slow it its useable. I have run some utils on it but it's looking like a clean re-install might be on the cards as  the registery might be corrupt,  I am thinking along the lines of going back over to "Win" on the main PC :-(  and treating the old laptop to some turbocharging in the form of "Puppy Linux", and just use it netbook style. I have used Puppy before and "It's fast", even an old PIII  feels like a new machine. There is another alternative, more costly but I'd be able to retain my beloved Linux system, (Which btw is regularly updated), and it would mean I could keep the "Ham Radio" side of it completely separate, and that is to install a new machine (Just for Radio),  one other possibility - install a second hard drive just for doze? Comments?
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  1. Hi Peter, that's why stay with Windows because of HAM applications. Maybe a dual boot with XP? GL 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul:
    I have been thinking about it for a while - I know it's a tedious job, my Linux system is excellent, I have run dual boot before so I know what I'm up against.
    Thanks - 73

  3. I don't use Windows much for HAM applications. Most my stuff is on on Mac OS X and now that I have Ubuntu on a Lenovo Thinkpad, I can use that for WSPR and WSJT. I used to only use the Windows Thinkpad for WSPR and JT65-HF... now only JT65-HF is left, and I could just configure and use WSJT ... but JT65-HF software is convenient .... and easy to use.

    I have been looking at a totally Linux HAM system, and it is possible, just more work.

    All to their own I suppose! Use what you are the most comfortable with.

  4. The decision should be made based on what you want to do, what applications you want to use. For me, that meant sticking with Windows.

  5. Thanks for all replies - I have decided to re-install windows XP on the Laptop - as for my desktop, Linux stays right where it is, it's just too reliable.


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