30 Sep 2010

Revised Band PLan

Well:  It seems there is a revised Bandplan – I appeared to have accessed the old one.

Screenshot_003 Sep. 30 23.32

Apparently it now looks like this :

But Psk activity is still based around 7035?


Screenshot_004 Sep. 30 23.37


  1. Hello Peter, I never heard about this changes. It's new for me. I believe 7035-7037 is still in use with PSK31. And in the section 7040-7050 are still SSB stations active. 73 Paul

  2. More info here.

    "There is still a lot of digimode activity below 7040 kHz and there are still many SSB QSOs in
    the 7040- 7050 kHz segment. There is no excuse to stick to the “old” frequencies used for
    e.g. PSK31 below 7040 kHz. Nearly all countries should by now have access to the band
    above 7100 kHz and therefore there is also no excuse to operate SSB in a segment
    recommended for modes with only up to 500 Hz bandwidth."


  3. I think it will take time before a new frequency is in use for PSK. Not everyone knows, same for SSB. What will be the new "official" PSK frequency?? 73, Bas

  4. I don't know why they bothered changing it. It's just a recipe for chaos - and an opportunity for "band police" to go around being unpleasant to people - for hardly any gain. It would have made more sense to harmonize the bandplan more with the US so you could have CW up to 7070, then PSK31, then other digimodes, with SSB starting at 7100. As it is, it's just as difficult to make digital contacts with the States on 40m as it ever was.

  5. I'm also with Julian - If I run psk its going to be with the rest until it's shifted - when a contest is on I either switch off or go warc.


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