12 Sep 2010


With "Win XP" finally giving it up last week I had first made absolutely sure my "current" HRD log had been exported to ADIF and I stored it as usual on my Memory stick  (dedicated to ALL my Amateur Radio applications/documents/PDF etc..) in fact I stored it twice under different names just in case, also - (I thought) on one my other external drives.
My laptop is now currently running xubuntu (surprisingly well) considering it's age and lack of mem/disk space but for smallish applications and surfing blogs etc.. it's fine and I have to say I've been very pleased to get it running - I had started to load some ham software on it which all seemed fine, then I turned my attentions to logging, I installed Cqrlog, which I also have running on my desktop - but I had not updated it, it only had entries until march 2010, so when I came to copy the updated log on the mem stick  found that the system would not recognise the memory stick - nada/nowt. tried in another machine, still nothing, tried in my own desktop - dead ! so the darn thing died on me, it's the one I had all my "Ham" documents and info on.
Now my updated log file was lost it meant finding the "Other" one, which of course I did'nt copy after all, which left me with the one on my desktop  on which the last entry was during March this year,  Bah!  so I was short from March - August effectively - I logged on to EQSL and downloaded my archive in adif format, picked off most of the entries I "thought" were missing and added them to the log then immediately backed it up under two names - Most of the Psk contacts are ok as luckily they ALL went via eqsl, however most of my 6m contacts are lost, but to be honest - there were'nt that many.
How to make things unnecessarily complicated!


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  1. Hi Peter, thanks for your advice. Yes, computers, sometimes I hate it. But I must admit it's a kind of love/hate relationships. 73 Paul

  2. Let it be a wise lesson for all. 73, Bas

  3. Hi Paul/Bas

    We need the computers for everyday tasks now, I guess they are more reliable than they used to be - keeping important information can be difficult - I now have two external drives for such jobs - annoying my memstick blew.
    73 Peter

  4. Good morning Peter, funny most if not all know the importance of backing up and it is still left to "I will do it when I get time" You did the right thing and backed up and things still went south. You have to love Murphy!!!

  5. Hi all:
    Yes lucky I at least had a copy dated March - all the psk ones went in ok not too many gaps.


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