22 Sep 2010

Linux out - Win7 In

Yes - It's true, my Main desktop now features Win7 - I suppose I should'nt knock it too much as it's going to run ALL my Ham Radio applications from now on.
Installation took place last night, and I was assured that the copy I was given was the correct one and that it would take care of formatting and installation of my new system  (W R O N G ) ! ! !
When I 've done previous "Linux" installs it always takes care of deleting partitions and reformatting into whatever filesystem you choose to use, be it ext3  ext4  reiserfs... Windows apparently does not recognise any other file system other than ntfs, it halted with a note saying so, end of.
So windows, even now will only install on a machine which has previously had "Win" of some description on it.
So having run my utility disk (which incidentally runs courtesy of Linux) we got an ntfs file system - so it was all systems go - and the install only took 45 mins - plus downloading some updates at the end.
My very first impressions are that it's not quite as responsive as Linux - it has'nt quite got that "Zap" about it, but it looks good - and venturing inside I see a whole new layout, glad to see the win interface  has undergone a complete facelift - I've been tinkering, getting used to where everything is and I quite like it.
So far I have installed and customised Firefox - luckily all the add-ons were available, and had fun and games trying to install Flash Player, which for some reason was leading me a merry dance in a loop, but we got there in the end.
At the moment I am still finding out about it, and have not even transferred my files yet - I need to get some of my peripheral gear running first then I'll take a look at installing some of the VAST array of software I now have available  (This was the main reason for making the decision to swap to Win, Like Julian (G4ILO), It was the lack of software on the Linux platform which prompted my final decision) having said that there ARE some very good programs available CQRLOG being one of them and Gpredict, but Wspr Wsjt  even Fldigi had issues, and I still spent more  time trying to get things running or looking for workarounds, when that time could have been spent doing something constructive  -  Linux|Ham Radio  ?  not quite there yet - Linux|For every day use ? Definitely.

Watch this space


  1. Good morning Peter, my son loves Linux but then again he is not trying to run ham software applications. I am still using XP and Vista have not made the move to 7 yet. Was not sure how many ham programs were up to speed with 7 yet.

  2. GM/GA

    Well _ I had to take the plunge some time, although I had been using XP up until last week on the "Olde" Laptop (until it went belly up) It feels strange coming back into the "Win" fold, this win7 feels and looks completely different, it's growing on me every time I use it - I have linux now on the Laptop, she's getting on in years but still chugging along with Xubuntu NOT for ham apps tho.

    73 Peter

  3. Hello Peter and Mike, I am running Ham Radio DeLuxe, WSJT, JT65-HF, WSPR without any problems with Windows 7. I am very pleased with Windows 7 and is much better then XP. (Vista is a disaster) 73 Paul

  4. Hi Paul
    I was beginning to despair - I have just read a couple of articles on the HRD Forum with several guys reporting problems running under win7 - I was beginning to think perhaps I'd made another BIG mistake (could be their set-up) - I'm told most of the software that ran under the disastrous "Vista", should run ok under W7 I'm going to take the plunge anyway with HRD v5.00

  5. I deliberately chose a PC that still had XP on it. I suspect that many ham radio applications will never be up to speed with Windows 7, not least because the people who wrote them have no interest in updating them. However many problems can be avoided if you do not install the software in Program Files. If you create a separate folder, say C:\Ham, for your ham radio apps and install them in there, you'll make life a lot easier. The only problem for which I don't know of a solution is that some newer sound cards have different names for the input and output and some older programs that don't allow input and output to be set separately can end up sending and rceiving on different devices!

  6. I still use Vista now for 3-4 years I think without any strange problems. And use all the HAM programs Paul uses as well. Though I tweaked it a little I have to say. Never seen W7 in action, but shure I will have it at my next computer nice to read that I shouldn't have problems with the software then. I also have Linux mint on a old Pentium2 and like that one too. What can I say, everything is better then the old MS-DOS and Windows 3.01. 73, Bas

  7. Thanks guys - well, like everything else I suppose - I'll just have to test them and see - and as I have not yet installed any "HAM" software, I think the idea of keeping them all installed under a separate folder is a good idea - I'm still looking to see where everything goes - glad pauls running it :-)


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