23 Sep 2010


Screenshot_04 Sep. 23 00.04


I decided to download the latest release of JT65 as Paul (PA0PSY)  runs it on his w7 machine, I also decided to keep all the Ham software under one roof c:\Ham\jt65\etc…

Its getting on and 20m is closed apart from a couple of Psk’ers and quickly installing it and rattling through the set-up got it receiving signals ok, and I’ve found the system volume controls, so maybe some time over the weekend I “might” give it a go, I’ll certainly monitor 20m at some stage !

I need to look at HRD next – I do hope that runs ok – this evening I have mainly been  looking at replacing some of the software I had on my Linux system (Equivalents anyway), Office Suite, Screen Capture, setting up the printer, and installing a Mail client which works now with two of my mail accounts – and set-up was automatic, it literally took 3 mins !

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  1. I find it is also worth monitoring 7076 when it is very late and in the early morning (from around 0500 BST). Can be surprising at times. Thanks to Paul, PA0PSY, for the original tip! Been worth it.


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