13 Sep 2010


I have been meaning to look at this for a while and since Wsjt was not going to work on Win XP never really got the chance, but since the re-hash of the computers here having loaded xubuntu on my laptop, I have had a switch around and loaded JT65-HF on my desktop running Ubuntu - the program installs under virtual drive C:\ and runs under wine -  as these are early days I'm NOT going to go head first into it as there seems a steep learning curve.
Looking at it, the interface seems complicated and it's not quite what I've been used to so will take it slowly so we're happy with whats going on - I have "Quickly" run over the set-up parameters and have been monitoring JT activity so I can see whats happening, and it looks interesting, it's different to Wspr in that a physical "exchange" of reports is given albeit a brief one but thats all we need, I'm not keen to TX with it yet until I've made more sense of it - It has been running this morning from early on and have several stations decoded in the window one of which was  a JA !  interesting... as I said, early doors yet !

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  1. Hi Peter, JT65-HF is my favorite program. It's easy to handle, load up to PSK reporter or as reverse beacon station. It's slow, (I like that) only one dial frequency, so not up and down the band. Waiting for the right station to answer, or giving CQ yourself. Though no QSO, I was reported this morning on 40 meter JT65A by K3UK and KC8V with my dipole and 25 watts. Good luck, 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul:
    Yes, it looks good - very new to me I saw JA this morning, but not rushing into it - If I have probs I know who to ask now :-))

    73 Peter


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