28 Sep 2010

HRD and Win7

I have only just got around to installing and setting up HRD / DM780 etc…  it’s been nearly a week since I installed Win7 and It is growing on me – one interesting thing I noticed when trying to configure my usb interface was when I inserted the disc to install the usb to serial drivers up popped a message saying there were “Newer” versions already installed, I promptly cancelled the installation, well what a surprise that was, then going on to configure the Radio was  very easy and connected first time !!  Well done MS,  HRD IS now running and I have DM780 working, had a Psk qso last night on 40m, the logbook installed fine and  packet cluster connection is very handy – so far I have no problems to report under W7, one niggle – on version 4 of HRD the soundcard window offered a slider to control input – v5 does not, so it looks like we’re good to go on Digimodes.Screenshot_01 Sep. 25 00.18


  1. I had the same thing with Vista. Didn't have to download the driver, it worked instantly. I hope you have a lot of fun with DM780. Did you try the automatic logging to HRDlog. You can also put a gadget on your blog so other people can see if you're on air and which frequency. I like the DX cluster in the this new logbook, very handy. It's my favorite digital mode program. But still use version 4 for my log, it has some features I like and that are still not implemented in this version....73, Bas

  2. Good Morning Bas
    Thanks for the information - there is such a lot to learn with this software - its so good - yes the auto logging does work if logbook is connected to HRD/DM780 all contacts under one roof, I was not aware of the "Gadget", I am going to enjoy using this software - Have a nice day Bas.
    73 Peter

  3. Good to see Win7 is working out for you and I too soon will be taking the Win7 plunge on one of my machines.

  4. Hi - Yes Seems strange going back to win - its a different environment to Linux - and taking advantage of the better Ham software available.
    I have been playing with JT65 - seems stable enough now I have the timing sorted.

    73' Peter


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