16 Sep 2010

Geolocation - scary !

Following Julians (G4ILO)  rather "Spooky" revelation on Geolocation in Firefox, I found this
Link  it gave me the same reading as when I connected to Julians set up page,  (Apologies if it's the same page)  I have to admit I was aware of this  but I thought It was done using your IP address which usually gets you pretty "close", Usually the location of your ISP main switching network.
You can if you wish of course "Disable" it if your that bothered by using  about:config in Firefox
details of which are right here Thanks to Julian for bringing it to our attention - I still find it spooky that this is embedded within your browser - this might help explain somewhat the reasons for certain advertising banners that follow me around - also when "Googling" for example B&Q,  or  Staples Office  Equipment it always pops up the store nearest to me.

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  1. Hi Peter, I knew it works that way. Your computer or any WIFI apparatus will look for the nearest WIFI spot. 73 Paul


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