23 Sep 2010

Autumn Wx

Well – pretty wet out there today with few bright spells – looks like Autumn is just around the corner – so inside doing what I should’nt (Playing w7 and jt65).. I had  a quick look at jt65 hf this morning and although it’s running and displaying signals its failing to decode – I have double checked the set up and reduced or increased the

LEAVES the input but  it still wont decode – and this is under “Win”, I did not have this with the Linux version – BTW it is the new version 1.06 – I’ve been under win7’s hood and checked out the input/output devices and “apparently” it looks ok – so now I am not sure quite where to look – wonder if it would be worth uninstalling and going for the previous version, although everything's clean installed on a fresh system and dont want to start hacking around with it.

I know Paul and Bas are using it on w7/Vista – to be honest there's not a lot in the set-up,  anyway will have to take another look later (also just downloaded latest HRD which I believe has been optimised for w7 since January ) that will have to wait.


  1. Is the date and time of your computer correct? It needs to spot on or very close for JT65 to decode. It is a good idea to have NTP or similar enabled.

    I am also using JT65-HF ver 1.0.6 with no issues. I am using Vista and I also have one instance on Wine on another box. Maybe Paul or Bas will drop in and make a suggestion?

    There is a free NTP setup for Vista/Win7, I just can't recall then name as the machine is at home. All I know is that it was from Germany.

    Best of luck.

  2. NTP for Windows is at http://www.meinberg.de/english/sw/ntp.htm .

  3. Hello Peter, it has been a while for me playing JT65-HF. But indeed you need to set the correct time. Most of the operators using JT65 and WSPR use dimension4 for that. Besides that it's important you got a 0 dB noise level, but I guess you already know. If you see signals like PSK, JT65 should be no problem to decode. By the way I had a similair problem the first time because DM780 was using the soundcard. After closing DM780 and restarting JT65-HF the problem was solved. Good luck, Bas

  4. Hi Chaps:

    Thanks for all that - I'm running Dimension 4, I'll look into it later - Thank you all for replying.


  5. Hello Peter, I think Peter and Bas are correct. I use Dimension4 to synchronize time. GL, Paul


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