30 Aug 2010

Under the Stars

What better way of ending a day than sitting outside on the patio warming your feet by the chimanea in the  (now) damp chill evening - with charged glass of (something) !?  well thats what I did last night, I had spent the day pointing slabs, and thought what a nice change to sit outside for the evening.
It had been a sunny day, but the evenings are getting quite damp - the night was still, and stars shining bright and thoughts turned to Amateur Radio, next time I thought - maybe I'll rig up the FT817 and sit out here for an hour or so making CW, and I could rig up one of my Portable Dipoles on the roach pole, good idea - as I looked up I realised I was not alone, ISS streaking directly above and setting to the east, what a fantastic sight against the dark background, and a distinct shape when viewed through binocs (although keeping them steady is something else) Those dark winter months will soon be upon us.

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  1. Hi Peter, we have rain for the last 5 days, a lot of water here. Soon we have to face colder days...

  2. Hi Paul:
    September can be a lovely month - but in October the winds come - and the central heating switched on later in the month - cosy nights by the log burner,

    73 Peter

  3. Hi Peter, we already have central heating switched on. Temperature outside last evening 8 C and a lot of rain. The chimanea does remind me of my woodstove in the garage. It will be nice and cosy there in winter. 73, Bas


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