31 Aug 2010


Silly fool me - In my previous posting I inadvertently picked off the wrong screenshots depicting satellite passes which should have been for today (Tue), and not (Wednesday) - I discovered also  whilst comparing the results from another source that the times were and hour out - I had the time selection wrong in the set-up :-(  easily done I guess, I knew the computer time setting was correct as I have Dimension 4 installed from "Thinking Mans Software" v 5.0.35 - my aging Compaq Evo used to struggle a bit with timing but since I have been using this software the past 9 months or so it has kept perfect time , it's available here , so if like me you have an "older" machine it's worth installing, ther are other programs around but this is the one I was recommended.


  1. I found a website where I can track many satellites. I am unknown with this software. I will take a look. 73 Paul PAØPSY

  2. Hi Paul
    I use HRD sat tracking s/w, also on linux using Gpredict - seems ok, the above s/w is for keeping your PC clock correct - good for Wspr Wsjt modes

  3. Hi Peter, I use Dimension 4 v5.0 for synchronizing my PC clock. It's works fine. Indeed for WSPR and JT65A. 73 paul


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