19 Aug 2010

Still here !

Today I have some good time to myself to catch up with some of the Blogs as I have not been active lately, mainly due to the "Summer" activities going on, and the fact we had visitors last week culminating in my sister in laws (sisters) wedding, and for the first time I think - enjoyed the whole day - good entertainment, food not bad at all, and more importantly - the Beer !
I had promised outdoor radio activities this summer but it has not materialized yet, and I notice the evenings are now starting to draw in and daylight hours have already fallen by an hour or so, and inevitably, there has been  talk of Christmas !! So need to crack on and get the 817 out in the car before it's too late.
Last night I promised myself I'd switch the radio on - I did - and fired up Wspr - my 5w was heard in the USA so that was encouraging, It was getting late so decided to quit.
Thought I'd have another session this morning and it's running as I write - on 30m to date this mornings best report was into VK plus a host of German/Italian/Danish/Austrian  and a couple of Russians, interesting to see the propagation path change through time.
I've also just noticed the interference from adjacent stations, especially PSK, with some HELL in there as well plus RTTY ?
Just had a quick peek and it's mainly EU's now.
I have a few chores to sort so will leave it running today with frequent shack visits - I thought I'd post an updated pic of my current operating position, you'll remember my "Shack in a cupboard" idea,  well it did'nt work out - as a consequence the doors were always open (Messy)

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  1. Hello Peter, nice pictures of your shack. Seems to be a nice place to work from. WSPR is a great mode for those who have less time to be on the radio. 73, Bas

  2. Hi Peter, your shack looks very neat. Having a good time is also very important. WSPR is nice to let it run and meanwhile doing some other things. 73 Paul

  3. Hi Guys:
    Yes - I also thought it might be useful later when I can study the results - its mid afternoon now mostly German Italians and the odd PA and OK stations - will pull the plug about 5pm. Everything in the shack is handy - its cosy during the winter months the Psu's keep my feet warm under the desk :-)


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