29 Aug 2010


Checked in this morning only to see Paul PA0PSY had closed his Blog which a shame as I always looked to see what contacts he had made, and his exploits with digimodes - I am sure his friendly attitude, and the manner in which he conducted himself will be missed - I will look out for him on the bands - so Paul if you read this, take care  and enjoy the hobby, one day I'm sure we'll cross paths.

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  1. Hi Peter, I will not delete my blog, but it is in big sleep. ;-) I have to withdraw for a while, but I will still read your blog. Maybe we meet on HF one day. 73 Paul

  2. I have not been blogging for to long at all fairly new to all this but I did enjoy reading Paul's blog.

  3. Hi Paul:
    Well hope to see you soon, I guess it's all about time - and hello to VE3WDM - good to hear from you too, I've only been blogging since November last but have learned a lot just by reading others articles, and found very interesting sites that others have posted.

    73 Peter


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