3 Aug 2010

JT65 HF Not running

All these digital modes are interesting - still looking at "Hell",  but still not made the big one yet...!  I also unearthed JT65 for HF  and downloaded it to my laptop running XP - the install appeard to go smoothly but when I first fired it up received this !

Wonder if anyone has a clue?

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  1. Did you download the JT65-HF release 1051 installer linked as linked on Paul, PA0PSY blog?
    I know that one worked for me.

    You could also try WSJT software http://www.physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/K1JT/ and use JT65A mode from that. I'd recommend reading "The Complete Bozo's Guide to HF JT65A" http://www.pe2pe.eu/WSJT_on_HF.htm before using WSJT if you haven't used it before.



  2. Hi Peter,

    I don't know what that means. Very strange, I am afraid I can't help you.

    73 Paul

  3. Hi Andre
    No I got it from one of the mirror sites - have tried it twice (same) thing - also wsjt although installed ok does not always run, and when it does, subsequently crashes - there is something it does not like about this xp system - I have wsjt running under linux though but have not used it yet - I do need to connect it up and give it a whirl (Still ploughing through the documentation)

  4. In laymans's terms it means "I can't find a bit of Windows that ought to be there." Either some of the system DLLs on your computer are the wrong versions, or some components included with the program you are running are not for XP. Try running the system file checker. If that doesn't help, an XP reinstall may be on the cards.

  5. Hi Julian:
    Hmm, I have been running some utils to try and clean/fix the registery (Is this why I dumped Xp in the first place) ?.. How I hate this - I've done it umpteen times, it's the hassle of setting it all up again - comp running slow as well.



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