25 Aug 2010

Antenna Supports

When I set up my 40M dipole last year for almost the entire winter I used the freely available Bamboo Canes we have growing in abundance here, they are now very tall - some 20 odd feet and can be cut to 12 ft lengths without them being spindly and weak and by lashing two together (x2 each end of the antenna) you can make easy supports which are about 15ft or so high - I use a 10M  "SOTA" fibreglass pole as the centre support strapped to the centre cane obtained from a local carpet store (Coated with Lacquer), inserted into one of those big clothes pole spikes, makes a good solid fix (Need to watch out in very windy weather though), the beauty is it's very easy to remove, or re-site, and ideal for testing purposes, I shall be setting one up again this winter.

These 20ft canes can be cut down to about 12ft - then lash two together.

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