7 Jul 2010

Pages loading slow?

These new "Blogger" templates are very nice but I get bored looking at the same colours and layout and after a while it's very convenient to change it, the new format allows you the freedom to do just that - However, I noticed yesterday after having changed the "Background", the page loaded   v e r y    -    s  l   o    w     l      y.   .   .   I think it depends on which background you choose, some render quicker than others - so answer is, remove it,  pretty pictures are all very well but I personally like things to be a bit snappy, all is now restored.

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  1. Hi, your blog loaded fast enough for my connection speeds even at 6Mb, can you not use a non photo but colourful template?

    73 Lawrie

  2. BTW my blog is now urban-ex.blogspot.com

  3. Hi:

    Hmmm odd, well maybe it was the time of day or something though usually during the week it's fine - Sunday's are sloooow. Ok on the address - will change.

    73 P

  4. Hi Peter, I noticed also that the pages loaded slowly, I think your right, now my latest template is fast. It has to do with some of the templates. 73 Paul


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