31 Jul 2010


Being a user of PSK I have obviously been aware of some of the "other" digi-modes, in particular "Hellschreiber", and I had previously looked around  without success  trying to find out what it was all about, I had never found any Hell signals and subsequently pretty much dismissed it completely.
Adam M6RDP recently commented he had dabbled with it and inspired me to take another look - I'm glad I did, today (Saturday) at around 4pm I had some spare time and had  what originally intended to be a quick look on 20m and found some activity - I have not been on the air for about two weeks and it was refreshing to see something happening using a new mode for me, as sometimes PSK can be a bit repetitive.
I did not actually make qso's but spent some time familiarizing myself with it by just monitoring for a while using HRD,  what an interesting mode this is - next time I must try using it properly, I assume the radio settings are as for PSK using USB Data user mode ! (Need to check)...

This appeared to be good copy - with very weak signal on 20m

there's not as much  activity as on PSK and some of the signals seem pretty weak but I was surprised at the print out, I found use of the digital noise processing  and filtering on the rig helped a lot  -  I'll be looking into this mode, I like the way it displays - good fun.
If you have any tips for a newbie please pass them on - Thanks, have a nice weekend.

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  1. Hi - have a look around 14072.0, you will hear the signals before you see them on the waterfall, managed a contact into Spain, for only my 2nd contact with this mode.

    73 Paul.

  2. Hi Paul:
    Thanks - I've been looking closely around 14.074 - found a couple.
    Any idea what the musical tones are around this freq (Olivia) ?

    rgds Peter

  3. Hi Peter, I believe they are JT65 signals.

  4. Hi Peter,

    I have no experiences with hellschreiber, I will check it out. Lately I am active with JT65A. I like that very much.

    73 Paul


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