22 Jul 2010

Band Conditions

I have not been around for a while due to being sidetracked by other activities, I haven't even been on-air :-(
So listening around  the bands this morning  proved fruitless - I had half expected the bands to have improved somewhat - but no !
Not a great deal of activity on ANY of the bands in fact - although I was amazed to see a 6m opening into Scandinavia, and that's about it.
A few weeks ago the solar flux was hovering around 69-71, which it was during November/December last year, although I see today it's up to 89 -  conditions appear to have reversed in my opinion, we're now into August almost, apart from the occasional 6m openings there's not a lot to shout about.
Looks as though we're now going to have to wait until next spring to see a significant improvement in HF band conditions - we are on the upward slope aren't we?
I can remember times when listening mid evenings on 15m with  the band  crawling with W's and PY's, same on 20m, right up until the band closed in the early mornings - or have I been missing out ?
Seems to me this might be the slowest emergence from a solar minim for ages, I dont recall the bands being SO quiet (apart from the background noise).

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  1. I had the same thing today at my side. Wandering over the 20 and 17m band not much that I could hear except some russian ad spanish stations. On PSK31 the activity was somewhat better. Hope propagation will be better in September or so. 73, Bas

  2. Hi Bas:
    I'm Disappointed cond'x so poor - by the way congrats to you I think - on your new baby girl ?

    Good Luck - P


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