6 Jul 2010

Another e-mail scam

Beware the latest e-mail scam (you may already know of it) The UPS e-mails that keep landing "Daily" in your inbox with attatched zip files and/or executables
Dont open them (If your running windows for sure), I run Linux here and just delete them , they put some sort of Trojan virus on your system which could lead to Identity theft and taking control of your machine.     Be Aware !   Problem is setting up filters in your mailing program might not necessarily work as they are usually sent from different mailing addresses


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  1. I delete just about all emails that are not either from someone I know or obviously ham radio related. I use Gmail which does a very good job of deciding what is spam so I don't have to look at it, but recently a few more than usual have been slipping through. I do run Linux everywhere but in the shack where unfortunately there are programs I use that have no satisfactory Linux equivalents.

  2. Ha - Now my xyl is complaining of this very problem, I'm keeping out of this one as she's logged into her works network - :-) I have used Gmail in the past, also Kmail on another system, they both do a good job IMO - Like you I now run "Amateur related" software on XP, although I'm about to play with Wsjt on this sysyem.


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