31 Jul 2010


Being a user of PSK I have obviously been aware of some of the "other" digi-modes, in particular "Hellschreiber", and I had previously looked around  without success  trying to find out what it was all about, I had never found any Hell signals and subsequently pretty much dismissed it completely.
Adam M6RDP recently commented he had dabbled with it and inspired me to take another look - I'm glad I did, today (Saturday) at around 4pm I had some spare time and had  what originally intended to be a quick look on 20m and found some activity - I have not been on the air for about two weeks and it was refreshing to see something happening using a new mode for me, as sometimes PSK can be a bit repetitive.
I did not actually make qso's but spent some time familiarizing myself with it by just monitoring for a while using HRD,  what an interesting mode this is - next time I must try using it properly, I assume the radio settings are as for PSK using USB Data user mode ! (Need to check)...

This appeared to be good copy - with very weak signal on 20m

there's not as much  activity as on PSK and some of the signals seem pretty weak but I was surprised at the print out, I found use of the digital noise processing  and filtering on the rig helped a lot  -  I'll be looking into this mode, I like the way it displays - good fun.
If you have any tips for a newbie please pass them on - Thanks, have a nice weekend.

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22 Jul 2010

Band Conditions

I have not been around for a while due to being sidetracked by other activities, I haven't even been on-air :-(
So listening around  the bands this morning  proved fruitless - I had half expected the bands to have improved somewhat - but no !
Not a great deal of activity on ANY of the bands in fact - although I was amazed to see a 6m opening into Scandinavia, and that's about it.
A few weeks ago the solar flux was hovering around 69-71, which it was during November/December last year, although I see today it's up to 89 -  conditions appear to have reversed in my opinion, we're now into August almost, apart from the occasional 6m openings there's not a lot to shout about.
Looks as though we're now going to have to wait until next spring to see a significant improvement in HF band conditions - we are on the upward slope aren't we?
I can remember times when listening mid evenings on 15m with  the band  crawling with W's and PY's, same on 20m, right up until the band closed in the early mornings - or have I been missing out ?
Seems to me this might be the slowest emergence from a solar minim for ages, I dont recall the bands being SO quiet (apart from the background noise).

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7 Jul 2010

Pages loading slow?

These new "Blogger" templates are very nice but I get bored looking at the same colours and layout and after a while it's very convenient to change it, the new format allows you the freedom to do just that - However, I noticed yesterday after having changed the "Background", the page loaded   v e r y    -    s  l   o    w     l      y.   .   .   I think it depends on which background you choose, some render quicker than others - so answer is, remove it,  pretty pictures are all very well but I personally like things to be a bit snappy, all is now restored.

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6 Jul 2010

No Comment was the stern reply

No comments showing up here - Just checked one of my postings and Paul (PA0PSY) had drafted  a comment - I only knew it was there because I got an E-mail, so either it's something to do with these new templates or there is a problem at their end.

Hopefully it will resolve itself !

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Another e-mail scam

Beware the latest e-mail scam (you may already know of it) The UPS e-mails that keep landing "Daily" in your inbox with attatched zip files and/or executables
Dont open them (If your running windows for sure), I run Linux here and just delete them , they put some sort of Trojan virus on your system which could lead to Identity theft and taking control of your machine.     Be Aware !   Problem is setting up filters in your mailing program might not necessarily work as they are usually sent from different mailing addresses


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Firefox Vulnerabilities?

I though it prudent to perform an online check of this system (Ubuntu 10.04)... especially as I'd recently upgraded everything from the old Karmic Koala 9.10 (It amazes me how quickly one new system with all the bells and whistles quickly becomes outdated and everyones screaming about a new version - sign of the times I guess, in six months time something else will emerge to condemn those shiny new ipads to the bit bucket. Anyhow I'm not exactly sure what these tests prove, portscans were all ok (apparently),   and the Browser scan results are below, quite what happens during the test I'm not sure but I am sure if there was a problem it would have shown  -  all  history and cookies are cleared - I guess it's a pass ? Browser Scan result:     * Passed  Mozilla crashes with evidence of memory corruption - passed     * Passed Internet Explorer bait & switch race condition - passed     * Passed Mozilla crashes with evidence of memory corruption - passed     * Passed Internet Explorer createTextRange arbitrary code execution - passed     * Passed Windows MDAC ADODB ActiveX control invalid length - passed     * Passed Adobe Flash Player video file parsing integer overflow - passed     * Passed XMLDOM substringData() heap overflow - passed     * Passed Mozilla crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv: - passed     * Passed Opera JavaScript invalid pointer arbitrary code execution - passed     * Passed Apple QuickTime MOV file JVTCompEncodeFrame heap overflow - passed     * Passed Mozilla code execution via QuickTime Media-link files - passed     * Passed Mozilla crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv: - passed     * Passed Mozilla memory corruption vulnerabilities (rv: - passed     * Passed Mozilla crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv: - passed     * Passed Apple QuickTime 'QTPlugin.ocx' ActiveX Control Multiple Buffer Overflows - passed     * Passed Window location property cross-domain scripting - passed     * Passed Mozilla Firefox MathML integer overflow - passed     * Passed Internet Explorer XML nested SPAN elements memory corruption - passed        Apparently - No Browser vulnerabilities

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Quirky Computers

My previous post seemed to upload ok without hitch - how peculiar, I have been using scribefire with firefox for some time for my posting and suddenly IT decided to give up - I moved to my Laptop running XP and it too failed, I then had trouble signing into Blogger - for some strange reason it SAW I was already logged in, but it kept asking me to log in ! How bizarre - I really do not know what happened but appears to have resolved itself after a couple of days off - maybe it has given the system a chance to re-set or something ?! Hopefully now we can get back on-track - I have NOT been radioactive for over a week now apart from some whispering last Sunday on 30m and my usual late evening sessions have been spent studying. Fingers crossed this one has posted !
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Been a while since last posting - have been very busy on non-computer/Radio projects, so have lost track a bit - however having logged on find I am having difficulty accessing/posting to this blog. Trying  the "Flock Browser" again on my Linux system. Heres a link of interest perhaps? Click Here
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