2 Jun 2010


Lots of things been going on during this last week but little in the way of radio, besides which we had visitors over the bank holiday weekend - 6m had been quiet for a couple of days until I listened for a spell during yesterday  afternoon (Tues) around 3:30 and the band was crawling with activity -  in fact I could hear stations from europe on the HT with stock "Ducky",  managed to work a couple and then it went quiet and conditions improved again later, I had a gremlin in the works during a Psk contact on 40m last night, I think it was an LY1EPC special event  who had come back giving a 599, on returning I switched to my "Quickie" report macro set, and the macro layout is different and I must have hit the wrong one - tried to cancel and sent the wrong one again (and again) ! - after a rather prolonged pause a Russian station called him, and I thought I'd lost him for good - in the meantime I'd managed to type ahead, explaining the error - unbelievably he was still there calling me, however I did manage to complete the contact - just one of those times I guess when I was all fingers and thumbs, I suppose it happens to us all at some time??  anyone watching must have wondered what I was doing :-)  thank you very much - the op,  for persevering with that one.
I have now also updated my Linux box to the latest Ubuntu 10.04 - I have checked "some" of the important functions such as "Printing/sound/ and the important software packages in use, as sometimes when upgrading you can lose some functionality, you only have to look in their forums to see some of the problems people encounter, (usually self-inflicted), I have to say the upgrades I HAVE performed have been  stress free, and I have been using ubuntu since vers 6.10 - I did lose sound once from Firefox after an upgrade, which affected You Tube clips but resolved it by installing a fresh java package - I have stopped using the Flock browser, the module for blog posting was unreliable, so its back to Firefox, to which I have added "Foxtab", and I have put all the "Amateur Radio" blogs in there - and set up a cascading window (bit like Mac OS)... so you can scroll through the pages, it looks modern - works with Lin and Win.
Still have plenty of bricks to lay yet for the arbour, waiting for the sun :-) but with all the outdoor work will try my best to monitor the bands.
My next "Project", is to dig out the vertical antenna I built 21 years ago, it was an adaptation from an article appearing in Radcom back in 1989 - titled "The bean tin antenna" ( I used a Waitrose Coffee tin) - it was initially intended for 20m but I made it for 15m and remember setting it up on a 10 foot pole with 8 sloping radials and working SU on  cw  (Sadly unconfirmed),  then whilst away on one of our  Christmas hols in North Wales worked quite a few W's and two VU's so I'm guessing it did work.

Looks like the Wx is going to improve fr the weekend so its back to laying bricks -
Have Fun:

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  1. Hi Peter, I ordered today a new computer. The old one is 6 years old. I use always Firefox, but I am unaware of Foxtab. Sounds very interesting. I will try it on my new computer. The weather is fine, and prospects are very good for the coming days. 73 Paul

  2. Hello Paul:
    Yes Foxtab is a firefox addon - I like it as you can put all your blogs (or Ham pages) on one page together, and just scroll through them - it's very good.
    Fine on new comp, my main m/c is also 6 yrs old and L/top is even older - I have Linux on desktop for most things - its very reliable and does not crash.
    Lovely day here today - been out cleaning the windows in warm sunshine - will do some cw later.
    73, Peter

  3. Hi there Paul, interesting site, Ive added you to my own links page on cornishconnect.co.uk 73's good DX M3UHQ

  4. Hi There - thanks for linking - will do likewise, always good to get an idea of what others are up to - thanks.

    73 Peter


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