13 Jun 2010

Trying Fedora

No radio for a few days here as I have been catching up with updating my Ubuntu Linux system  along with a load of scanning which I've been meaning to clear for ages, having had a good session I STILL have loads to do, another time perhaps.
On my travels I have also been looking up some of the latest Linux offerings, in particular "Fedora 13" - I have tried a couple of their previous distro's and in fairness they have all been up to scratch, as compared to the popular "Suse | Ubuntu" distributions.
Downloading the new  image went smoothly, as did the disk burning - I use KDE's  K3B which will run under "Ubuntu" with the set of KDE libraries installed - I use it because it always works 100%, I must have burned 100's of disk's and it has never let me down.

Launching into Fedora from the CD brings up the Desktop , which happens to be Gnome, same as Ubuntu - and the first thing I noticed was the scanner worked right away - I remember the major hassle trying to get this particular Epsom model to work under Ubuntu, so that was a plus, also the Canon IP4500 worked out of the box, bear in mind this is running from the CD, (Must check the xyl's Laser too -- that's a Canon).
Also the network applet came up in the system tray (Which Ubuntu did not - I had to download it from their repository)

It looked the same as Ubuntu except perhaps for a few minor cosmetic changes to the Desktop, the major difference I noticed on this distribution was the lack  of packaged software, as I remember, even the original Ubuntu  image I downloaded some four years ago had "Most" of the basic software one would expect to get up and running, things Like the Open Office suite - the equivalent of "Micro$hafts" Office, lack of image editing like Gimp, although it did come with Web Cam software and it is plug n play and works fine.
I suspect this distribution may be aimed at the more experienced Linux user - Although it is  very popular and downloading and installing "Packages" IS very easy these days with the various software repositories that ALL the main distributions have - Fedora is no different, and you can add to and build your own custom system. I am thinking along the lines of another Laptop here and it could well be a Linux one - I like the look and feel of the Gnome Desktop as I've been using it for about four years now, the other main Desktop is KDE which you should find on the suse and Mandriva distributions,  I tried that last year - very clean looks and very sharp looking fonts - but I think I'll be sticking with my Ubuntu on this machine for a while yet, over the time I have been running it I've added many packages and it has just evolved - it performs everyday tasks flawlessly and does not crash.

Thumbs up for Fedora despite lacking in software:

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