17 Jun 2010

Smart Gadgets

Ever had that nauseating feeling in the pit of your stomach, your just about to leave home, got car keys, phone, wallet - wheres the wallet? when did I last see/use it?
Your mind starts going into overdrive - where did I go shopping - the times I got half way to London going to work and called in to get fuel only  to realize I'd left my wallet on the kitchen unit. I do have a long history with "Mislaying" keys and Wallets as my xyl will testify - though it's a different matter when T H E Y lose theirs, I usually get, why did you move it, it must have been you.
Well this morning I got caught again - just about to leave, Keys/phone/  wallet, oh no, not again !   the usual frantic search commenced, sometimes checking one location three times, back tracking trying to think when I last used, or even saw it, I phoned the local supermarket to see if anything bearing the description/name had been handed in, nothing, I even drove to the station car park with spare key to check my xyl's car (I used it on Tuesday) no sign.
I checked through the house once more, now conceding my wallet  had indeed gone, washing basket, bathroom ah.. I know just check the garage, turned it upside down as I have been working  out there during the last two weeks, one corner has a stack of old newspapers that I'm about to process (turning them into Fuel logs) and there on top in a polythene bag one wallet you can imagine the relief .
So I came in, not to phone the bank, and building society but find some gadget that would help "Prevent" a recurrence, and spotted this:- ok it's a bit drastic perhaps but I'm fed up mislaying keys and wallets.


It's not expensive and if it helps in moments of need its got to be money well spent,  it has a small pendant "Base Unit", and four Fobs - and double sided adhesive to stick on flat surfaces, apparently the units work "up to 30mtrs", though I suspect this will be significantly reduced in normal household use, as to what frequency these things work on I'm not sure, I'm really guessing here - somewhere around 430Mhz ? I only say that as my weather station does,  perhaps some knowledgeable soul will tell us.
Anyway I've ordered one - will report back

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  1. I'm always doing this too. I think I'll get one of these as well, but as you've ordered one I'll wait to see what you think of it.

  2. For 20 quid or so it surely worth it - we'll see.


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