23 Jun 2010

Re: Smartfinder

A bit behind this week with the blogging, too much to do and apparently not enough time to do it (or something like that), anyway last week I reported on being unable to find my wallet (again)  "see previous post...",  so I decided to buy a simple gadget that might at least prevent such further incidents, and help me in my hour of need if it does happen again.
I came up with "Smartfinder" (Details in earlier post) - there are other types of these available but I opted for this one, it's not expensive at around £23.00 inc shipping - its very straight forward

Remove the battery protection films on the main base unit/and which ever colour fob you require, the fob beeps twice to show activation - then test by pressing the relevant colour button on the base - I have used the yellow for keys - now on key-ring, and the blue on my wallet, now lose your keys somewhere and test it !  Batteries last 6 months plus ??  and in normal household use will operate the sounder up to 15mtrs, they say 30m, but thats way off in my opinion - each fob comes with a double sided sticky for putting on flat surfaces, and a hook "Thingy" to hang the base unit - as I said they're NOT expensive, most importantly they work.
Only "Gripe, if you could call it that, is the size of the  fobs which surprisingly are 4cm square, slightly larger than I'd imagined - the base unit is 7.5cm square (sorry don't do inches).
No mention as to what frequency they operate on.
Heres a pic for size against an SD card

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  1. That should do the job nicely! Fobs are a bit on the large size, but not to worry. That is a problem of buying on the internet. Even if they give you the measurements nothing beats a physical inspection! Anyway, hope it helps. 73 Adam

  2. Hi Adam:
    Main thing is they work - ok around the house/garage but stuffed if I leave keys/wallet off premises - trying to be more careful.

    73 Peter


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