8 Jun 2010

Personalized Web Targeting

This is NOT Radio related but hey   ....
A couple of days ago, or it may have been 5, who knows - I checked out some pricing on some spare parts and supplies for general household installation - in particular "Bathrooms", and on visiting some of my regular web sites afterwards had noticed banners displaying exactly what I'd been checking out, some of these sites do use advertising banners but it had never been a problem.
After a couple of days of this It seemed as though these "Banners" were following me around - just about every other site containing "Advertising Banners displayed the same items I'd looked at, now this problem is'nt new, but it is to me - the problem is by a cookie thats placed within your browser, and every time you land on an associate site up pops this damned banner, they call it personalized web targeting, I bet some  you have probably come across it.
They do give you the option to "Temporarily Disable" the banners, (Though frankly what good that is god only knows) as other "associated partners" would still display them, or you have the option to "Opt out" as they put it, which would put another cookie on your system saying so, (so deleting your cookies would have no effect) what bothers me is that they say information gathered is anonymous, yeah right!
I was going to put up this particular companies Privacy Policy, but thought better of it (I also have not mentioned any names), they are not British...
This is Big Brother, we're all innocently surfing away, and lets be honest, most of us do not pay enough  heed to security and privacy, whilst "They" watch and gather information on your tastes and surfing preferences, then bombard you with unwanted pop-ups and advertising - I  am using Firefox and am hoping by going into the privacy section (exceptions), and typing in the offending web address, then add "Block" this will prevent a further similar incident - deleting all cookies won't necessarily help, as  a lot of sites need active cookies to display, this one is what "they" call a "Persistent" cookie, Right...

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  1. I presume you're referring to Google ads? As I make my living from internet marketing, a part of which comes from Google ads, it's a topic of interest to me. But my thoughts would be a bit long for the comment box so I've posted about them instead.

  2. I fully appreciate the need for improving revenue via advertising especially when it's you r source income during difficult times, my problem was NOT with "Google", but a third party - having used computers for a number of years now this is the first time I have experienced this type of intense advertising, which only started during this last week.
    Of course, most commercial enterprises use advertising and it is generally acceptable, but what I had clocked on another site was repeatedly re-appearing on apparently non-related sites and could not understand why, I was merely trying (Perhaps rather badly) to point this out in my original post - I have nothing against advertising, but does it need to be this invasive?


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