16 Jun 2010


Still  sniffing around the K3, my FT450 is a pretty reasonable (General Purpose) radio, but the inbuilt keyer is awful, try as I may I cannot send decent cw with it,  Iambic ? cannot decide which mode its in, It keeps "slipping in extra dits", and drives me mad - the FT817 is the same (Probably uses the same module).
My original H/Brew cmos keyer broke, and my old "Masterkeyer" got a soaking which did'nt do it any good so have purchased another (dare I say it - MFJ Product) in the form of their deluxe memory keyer, it looks fine (at a distance).....build quality cheap ! but sends very smooth cw - no extra dits !

Back to the K3 - Looks even more tempting here.

Elecraft K3 Assembly in 7 Minutes!

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  1. Hi Peter, I wish I could assemble that fast, but most of the time something is always going wrong. I gave up making home-brew stuff. ;-) I never have used the inside keyer of the FT-450 or FT817. I do have an old electronic keyer, 35 years old now, but it still works fine. 73 Paul

  2. Hello Paul:
    The built in keyer I "Think" is iambic, but the timing is all over the place _ I cannot get on with it - This MFJ is silky smooth and the cw just rolls out, excellent.


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