8 May 2010

Psk on 40m

I had not been on air for a couple of days so decided to have an early session this morning using Psk on 40m - did not work any dx but found some new calls resulting in a few nice exchanges with  JOSE -  EA5HIH seen here in his shack.He is in Valencia - one of my favorite regions, we regularly visit an area just to the south of Valencia  near moraira (a typical small fishing village and you get a feel of Spain in the old town)  same as Benissa and further south is Calp or (Calpe).. but it's a bit touristy - but the sunshine's hot here especially during july/august - in early spring/summer the air is pleasantly warm and full of orange blossom - I have also operated from here as well with my FT817 into a dipole - the whole kit packed into my hand luggage - no fuss at the airports either !!!  Thanks Jose for the Qso - I long for a return trip to your country soon.
Other stations worked were Dan LA2NRA, and OL75PKY  Jiri   who is age 75 fantastic!  Good Job.

Jose EA5HIH & swl?


  1. Morning Peter,

    When I was well I used to holiday in Benidorm (the quiet Poniente end) and often took that little train from Alicante up through the orange groves to Denia. Stopped at Calpe and went trhough Benissa. Boy is it a spectacularly beautiful part of Spain. I miss it and it makes me sad to think I can't do that sort of thing anymore. I get stressed now just going the 4 miles to Paignton in the car and could never handle the journey. Just glad I did it when I was able to. Happy days! Great that you had a contact there. I had a similarly happy time in the SW of Spain around Cadiz/Tarifa and when I contacted a station from there last summer it lit me up for days! 73 Adam

  2. Hi Adam:
    Yes we love going to Spain - good for the aching bones :-) the warm sunshine works like magic - makes you feel good - love the food as well - we've been down about 7 times now, and yes your right when ever you work a station down there I think of the places we have visited.
    Ah yes the train ! we stayed at a place right near a viaduct where it trundled back and forth all day rattling along - funnily enough it did not bother us.
    Next time we go must take a ride !

    Thanks for the reply and hope you get your refund ok.

    73 Peter


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