23 May 2010

Interference source disappears

Basically it's a wireless router thats been causing the problem - our nearest neighbours about 30 feet away have moved out - I knew this was iminent and whilst they were a nice family in every way - and sorry to see them go, part of me says I'm glad as it means that wireless connections will be more reliable in the future - I had been having some difficulties with my wireless connections on the laptop due to their BT HUB... It always came up first in the XP connections list with a significantly stronger signal than my own network box, sitting on the same desk,  one time it would connect, then another day it would not let me connect at all, or indeed (even SEE it), despite trying different channels it was not always reliable and so I ended up hard-wiring the laptop permanantly.
The move happened yesterday (Sat)  and I have been running the Laptop on wireless all day no problem - and it connected pretty much straight away - so far so good - we're lucky here , houses are pretty much spread out but how do people manage in congested housing areas?  where all have their own broadband connections ? plus if your into Amateur Radio  all that electrical interference, it must be a nightmare.

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  1. Hi Peter, all around us there is a lot of radio radiation and interference. Some of them can give a lot of troubles. Good that they move out ;-) 73 Paul

  2. It really is a problem in high density new estates like where I live. I don't know of any cases of wi-fi interference to ham radio except for the usual culprits of switched mode power supplies and electronic radiation, but there are up to 5 wireless routers visible here and I had to replace some equipment because the BT Home Hub routers used by some neighbours support Wireless N (or something like that) which prevents older wireless cards designed prior to that standard from connecting (which sounds like the problem you had.)

  3. Afternoon Peter,

    Fantastic that that awful BT Hub noise and interference has finally upped and gone. It must be really irritating. My noise on 40m rose tremendously when new neighbours moved in to the house next door which was occupied by an old lady prior to this. They are here to stay though, so no more silent 40m background noise for a few years I fear. Oh well, it is useable so I shouldn't complain, but it might be a problem if I were into making longer distance contacts.

    Enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts!

    73 Adam

  4. Hello Paul/Julian//Adam:
    Thanks for the comments - The BT Home Hub does support this new wireless N, my old laptop has a belkin Pcmia card which may have contributed to the problem - strange that the signal from a router some 30 - 40 feet away was stronger than my router IN THE SAME ROOM!... I even bought a D-Link router (same prob)... anyway it 's been working all day again without a hitch and it's nice not to have ethernet cables running all over the place.


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