13 May 2010

Gear up for Awards

A couple of weeks ago I joined the 30MDG and had a quick look at the main home page - I did look at the Awards page but to be honest I did'nt take much notice of it, and did not really take it in  -  well last night I worked Barry G0IOW over on the Isle of Wight  I had seen his call up onscreen before but we had not crossed paths and he mentioned about the 30MDG Awards - so far I'd only used 30m for cw contacts so using it for digi was really quite new for me - I took another look at the awards page and have decided that actually it would be a bit of a personal challenge to go in for some of these awards as some are fairly easy to obtain, and in any case I have no "Achievements" to date, so I think since I'll be starting from scratch it could be fun.
I did not realize just how many awards there were available, so we're starting at the bottom working up !
Thanks to "Barry" for starting me off...

              Thanks Barry - for starting me off, who knows where it will lead.

Of interest initially will be the wkd members/countries, there is a QRP award using 5w or less - I think this will be interesting as I think I might now use the FT817 set up on my other (Main Linux machine), so it looks as though it might mean another shack re-shuffle - to be honest the "Shack-in-a-cupboard" concept is not working - as the room "ALWAYS" looks untidy when you enter because the doors are  always open now, and one of the doors covers the printer.
So looks as though 30m is finally going to get a caning  while I can !

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