13 May 2010

At last 10m action

Whilst sitting at the computer here I had the radio on 10m in the background - I heard some cw, I was all ears and it was the DX-Expedition station IS0R run by F6KOP,  I called in but he was split - ooops! a quick adjustment and he was in the log !
My first 10m contact for goodness knows how long - they are running from 7th - 15th May 2010 
Dont forget 1up !

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  1. Hi Peter, you'll be on 6m I expect soon, it was great today to hear some voices on that band, I worked DL2SWN on 10m SSB, the signals are definately getting better, though still much QSB, 73 Paul.

    PS - I didnt know CW stations worked splits, that must be a good sign for 10m, did he have a pile-up ?

  2. Hi Paul:
    Well judging by the replies he was sending out I'd say there was a bit of a pile-up - he was listening +1khz up I had not realized - but I set up the split and away we went, I bumped it up to a massive 20watts of power :-) QRO for me thats about all I'd need on any band - for CW I use 5-10w, and Psk is "Comfortable at 15w, I'm finding I pick up plenty with that - Lots of stations are still splattering all over the band with poor set up and too much power, you just dont need it !

    6m - yes out to get the cable/beam up over the weekend hopefully running on Sunday - Cheers

    73 Peter


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