18 May 2010

6m opening

Well, today I decided to do other jobs here and give radio a miss - I even prepared the evening meal earlier in the afternoon so I did'nt have to rush around later - I did however make time for sneak - peaks on 10m, nothing!  I had checked the other bands also - one or two weak Psk signals on 40m/30m, I'd long given up hope on 10/6m, it was not until late on I decided to nip out and put up the test mast and quickly rig up the 6m beam, I ran a length of ur213 and connected up and switched over to 6m - the Swr is still on the high side so I do need to make some adjustments tomorrow - but whilst slowly  tuning around 50.150 I noticed a different background noise - in fact the noise level had come up somewhat, and that familiar distant chatter of a station in the distance - was there an opening ?  Yes just one, Henri IZ0GYP in Roma working into G and he vanished - this is the first activity I have heard on 6m for about 3 yrs, it's new to me but I'm going to give it a try - Hopefully next time I will be ready for action having made the necessary adjustments !

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