23 May 2010

1st 6m contact

I had recently put the beam on the test mast to make those final adjustments I'd promised a few days ago, and had been tuning around on 6m only to hear very faint distant whisperings - tonight (Sun) after the hot day I popped into the shack for a quick look again and again heard some faint G's then found an HA station booming in as if he was local - very low background noise on CW, I called in and we exchanged a x2 way 599 using CW using 10w - this is fantastic, my first qso on 6m, It might seem daft but I felt like I'd just got my licence again.- - feeling chuffed tonight - tomorrow I'll raise the beam at it's 28ft resting place.
We're up and running :-)

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  1. Congratulations!
    I managed a little 6 metre operating today too. Its not called the magic band for nothing!

    73 Kevin

  2. Hi Peter, congrats with yousr good results on 6 meter. Funny that signals are suddenly so strong. 73 Paul

  3. Hi Paul/Kevin

    Yes I am feeling good about today - I have been listening for that opening for some while - now I have a qso in the bag it will open the floodgates?
    I just guess patience is a virtue on this band, still its early days - Beam up tomorrow !


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