5 May 2010


Checked 10m on the hour every hour (just about) today  but nothing again, I guess thats the way it goes sometimes, I suppose tomorrow when I have to go out there will be an opening.
I did however check 40/30m throughout the day (Did not work anyone) - the noise levels on 40 were running at S5-6 during morning hours but I noticed it eased off late evening - 30m was quite good and for the first time in about 2-3 weeks I actually heard some W's - 20m was also open slightly later than usual as well - 15m has been quiet too.
Going back a few years now (probably solar cycle21) I recall tuning across the entire 10m band and apparently there were no stations around - this would have been on a sunday morning, but I noticed the tell-tale signs that there might be an opening with slight background hash, and those crashes and pops, I then thought I'd call cq (Think I was only running about 20w) and worked 2 JA's (my first in fact) and the band exploded into life - with stations popping up everywhere - I suspect 6m will be similar -I have yet to work ANYTHING on 6m yet - lets see what tomorrow brings!

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  1. Hi Peter, I checked this site:
    No need to tune the bands 10-6-2 etc the pages refresh every 5 minutes. It's a great help. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul
    Wow - very good Paul, just checked out this one Just the thing I needed, they even send you warning updates via e-mail if you want !
    Thanks for that - much appreciated.

    Have a good Day 73 Peter

  3. Hi Peter

    Yes 10m was quiet yesterday, however I use dxwatch and dx-sherlock, which Paul suggested, and I started seeing a few 28 Mhz spots pop up, sure enough another scan around found a PR, Brazilian station...couldnt work him though and unded up chatting with a local from the club 5 Khz up!

    73 and good dx, Paul.

  4. Hi Paul
    Just got back in and checked - but have not missed anything :-) conditions still very slow to pick up so guess I'll stay on 30/40m fr now - thanks for the other info on dxwatch.

    73 Peter


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