22 Apr 2010


I had been looking at an HT - but spotted a VX8 going 2nd user at a price significantly lower than new - and with Aprs capabilities which I fancied having a dabble with was too good not to miss, and it has wideband scan facilities - theres a lot to take in here - I reckon I've got plenty to keep me occupied for the next month.


  1. Yes it's a nice radio, and APRS is fun, but check first that there are some APRS gateways or digipeaters in your area (you could just listen on 144.8 for brrraaaap noises) otherwise the APRS side will be a bit useless. I had one and I sold it for just that reason, and I suspect it's why you often see them for sale for a lot less than the new price.

  2. Julian
    Yes we have MB7UP up on the hill to the west of me and appears to route through MB7UW in Winchester and on.. so we should be ok - It's something I have been looking at for a while - I also want to play satellites as well - luckily this radio's previous owner kept it in pristine condition so I am pleased with it so far - learning to drive it is another thing, I have not got round to the aprs bit yet ! Still learning to store and label memories, but yes it is fun learning.



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