1 Apr 2010

Psk Dm780 (Update)

I wrote some while back saying how frustrating it was being "tied" using 5w only for Psk on the FT817, I suspect the 2.5-3w out using this mode is too easily overlooked and I abandoned Psk for a couple of years and stuck to "The Mode" (CW) which was surprisingly much more reliable and always threw up a few surprises even with the poor band conditions we have had, but since getting the FT450 up and running On Psk and running (Just that little extra power - 15w) it is making all the difference and I am now enjoying good regular qso's on this mode, I have also persevered using HRD / DM780 -  configuring the logs as one, so all contacts appear in one log - E-qsl is working ok, as is the auto logging feature (but I always check to see if it's entered correctly) and back up after every session - although still running slower than I'd like on this machine it really is very enjoyable to use - I have not looked into the Psk reporter yet - maybe take a look over the weekend.
Previously I had been using MixW, followed by Fldigi, (which I used on my Linux machine), and even in the short time I'd been using these it always presents a new challenge when changing to different software, as if your like me I can never find where anything is !! Hoping to fill the log over the weekend - enjoy your Easter.

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  1. Hi - I like to leave DM780 running on a psk freq when I'm not on the radio, you need superbrowser running to report back to PSKreporter though.

    I also upload to HRDlogger, good as another backup and you can link to QSOmap as well.

    With my long wire I am sure (as it must be as the wire must react differently at different frequencies) I receive stateside better on 20m than 40m, I am using PSK reporter to investigate this.

    73 Paul.

  2. Hi Paul
    Yes I'm going to look into it over the weekend - is very useful to see exactly who is receiving you - I'm keen on all these maps as you can actually see and relate to whats going on.
    anyway you seem to be having a lot of success with your set-up there - I am still getting used to DM780 but i need to break the macro habit :-)

    Have a good Easter - 73 Peter

  3. Hi Peter

    Yes I like to add some personal comments in the macro if possible to try and make it more like a conversation, I can already seeing it become somewhat boring if I dont.

    Good weekend too, 73 Paul.


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