22 Apr 2010

More Gadgets

More additions to the household in the form of the MFJ Antenna Analyser - this was one of those must haves and finally got to order one last month but for some reason there had been a delay with my supplier - I had been under the impression that the Psu was supplied with it but no - thats extra, but should not present a problem - so as I wanted to run a check straight away I loaded the rest of my AA size batteries (10 in all) ... ! I was glad to see my 40m dipole which was cut for 7025, dipped around 7012 - and the 6m beam which has been sitting on my garage floor for the last six weeks was mounted on a pole and that came in at under 52 Mhz so needs tweaking - hopefully will get that up next week as I have to change the direction that the mast tilts over for easier access - and requires some drilling (I suppose it will rain next week) ! First impressions of the unit (for the money) I'm not particularly impressed with build quality, I have bought many items in the past and it lacks something, however it's minor and I will not be sitting there looking at it - compare that to the looks and finish of the K3..... does'nt look too bad in the photo but it has rough edges - same with the paint finish, internals same.
MFJ 259B


  1. I've never regretted buying the RigExpert antenna analyzer. It's well made, easy to use, can be connected to a PC and includes rechargeable batteries and a charger. At the time I bought it the price was around the same as the MFJ.

  2. I got a MFJ259 as well. It does the job. But I don't think it deserves the name analyzer. These days you can get much more sophisticated devices which can be connected to a computer to really analyze your antenna. But it's just what you want. I'm very satisfied with it. A nice feature is that you can measure the loss of your coax. 73, Bas

  3. Thanks Julian/Bas for comments - Well we will see how we get on , I have a couple of things I need to check on - Also have a few antennas made up ready for testing - next on my list is a loop, I used one some years ago and was amazed at how it nulled out local noise, worked into Africa as well which I'd not done before.

    Enjoy the sunshine..

  4. Hi - I have an MFJ one as well, though only HF and SWR, no impedance meter/LCD display.

    I wish now I had gone for the better model as I am interested to see the relationship between impedance and swr, we know that a low swr is not the end of it by any means.

    However it's still a uesful piece of kit for one who like messing round with bits of wire.


  5. Hi Paul:

    Yes I'm always "Playing" in the garage making up dipoles - it's funny I ALWAYS end up with a dipole because they ALWAYS work - I have been surprised by some of the results though however accurate the measuring is.
    I am pleased my 2 el for 6m is within the expected range, and I expect it will change when I get some height on it - still waiting for that opening - not had contact on 6 yet :-(

    73 Peter


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