1 Apr 2010

Mast Assembly

Finally got round to getting that mast up - I did purchase a 15'  aluminum pole to go on the end section of the house  which would hopefully be the centre support section for my 100' top doublet, but for some reason something told me I should use wood instead, so I utilized an old length of stair rail that I had in my garage of some 12 feet in length - I had also intended to mount my 6meter beam on top, but due to the weight involved and pure awkwardness in raising it, it might now have to go on the garage roof - it will be lower, more readily accessible,  but will need substantially more coaxial, wished I'd used aluminum.
Getting the pole up working high on the ladder presented it's own problems added to the fact I somehow managed to drill the mounting holes too large ! the plugs were too slack and would not grip - so had to go to my local store for beefier plugs (Make sure YOU drill the correct size hole) - all in all it was taking a whole lot longer to get this pole up than I'd planned, and getting it up with a beam on the end in this postition is now not an option.
I have a couple of those mast top pulley (Halyard) assemblies, one of  which will sit near the top of the pole and should be easy to attach and pull the centre up from the ground, when fixed and in use I can tuck the nylon chord away up near the base of the pole - maintenance should be a simple case of dropping the chord down and winding down.

This illustrates the pulley (Not Fixed yet) spot the mistake ?

The beauty of this type of installation for me in this location is the ease with which the antenna can be raised without clambering on the roof - one leg might be bent a little but not enough to affect it's performance too much, and the centre height is around 38' - tomorrow I will start to make up the antenna (although heavy rain is forecast), but I may put up my temporary 40m dipole.

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