13 Apr 2010

Digi - Gripe

All running fine here with the Psk set-up on 10/15w and stations are at last responding 1st time in most cases (Band conditions permitting)
I am very happy with this generally and now trying to break the "Macro syndrome", it's good fun I have to say as it creates "true" keyboard to keyboard comm's, (and improves your typing) ...  but I have discovered after endless calls to some stations  they cannot hear my calls - the reason ?  they have set up the CQ macro in their software to 5 second intervals (or less)  on Auto  without realizing they're constantly doubling with your calling - or for that matter anyone else's. I do not use this facility and prefer to be in control of the thing personally - still everyone to their own I guess...  Would'nt it be nice to just make a call, then listen for a caller?  Heard a similar incident on 20m about 3 weeks ago on CW where one particular station proceeded to call CQ, a call that lasted around 7 mins continuously  without coming up for air, it was quite amusing to hear a barrage of comments that followed (from various parts of the globe)  when it ended - only for the station to start up again !!
Please - Call first, then just have a little listen, you never know!who it might be........!

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  1. Hi Peter, sometimes I let my CQ repeat by the software. My interval is 20 seconds. Enough time for a station to come back. Shorter can give a problem as you say. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul:
    How's the mouth ? still sore I bet - ok on the 20 second delay - thats fine, at least you have the chance to hear who's calling - I find it somewhat frustrating with stations apparently forever calling CQ and they don't come up for air, it happened three times last night - I know they would hear me as I then work another station in the same country - not to worry plenty more to work - band conditions awful this morning.

    73 Peter

  3. I have used the auto function, though I prefer to hit the CQ tab manually as sometimes it takes a few seconds for a station to respond, especially if they have a slow pc like myself (serial port CAT model) and they are trying to insert your callsign into the macro.

    Do you use PSK reporter, I have been turning the power down to 5 watts, I wish I could turn it down some more, tadio wont allow it.

    Yes the prop is bad, I think you said (Paul) the sun had a storm/mood !?

    73 Paul.

  4. Re Propagation - I was up quite early this morning and thought I'd have a quick look and see what Psk was like - bit of a waste of time really - I have used Psk reporter and its very interesting to see stations appear on the map - good guide to propagation conditions - 40 and 30m seem to be the only bands open during the day at the moment - plus the odd few on 20 - might have another look tomorrow.
    73 Peter

  5. I like to put some random 'g' callsigns into pskreporter and see where they are being heard,though one I do use as a reference is an M6 near Portsmouth, interesting to see where they are being heard, often a lot more west coast stateside than myself.

    That PC4T, dont bother with his on pskreporter, cant get past Amsterdsam ;-)

  6. I think the M6 you refer to is on the Isle of whight a YL ? have heard but not worked as yet but always picking up a lot of contacts - re propagation, can never accurately predict, couple of weeks ago I was hearing the US on 40, usually it's mainly east coast but there were quite a few mid-west and Dallas/Texas/ stns in there - I have since changed position of my antenna, as usual conditions have deteriorated, but I will be monitoring conditions throughout today.
    Have Fun:

    73 Peter


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