18 Apr 2010

Busy week

Not had much time this week so have not been reporting the weekly "Action", which has been mainly in the garden taking the opportunity to soak up some well earned spring sunshine after the awful winter - the garden IS now looking like someones done some work  !!

Radio-wise I have been doing quite a bit on Psk through the week and have been monitoring activity on both 30 and 40m and using the psk reporter have been amazed at the  number of countries that have appeared - the highlight of the week for me was working JON TF3PPN  up there in Iceland which of course has been featured in the main news  this week with the huge cloud of volcanic ash thats been  blowing around causing air chaos throughout europe - at this point is still not showing signs of slowing up, I wished him well although he did not refer to the incident, he was also my first icelandic station  on Psk digi.

The other thing I did this week was get the mic out of its bag and try SSB (quite uncharacteristic for me)  as I usually prefer cw or digi, but worked DAVE G7SKR activating SOTA Watchcroft DC0074, I'd heard him the previous day as I was tuning 40m and he was a solid 5/9+, again this time he was 5/9+ and he was running 50 watts into an inverted V, he gave me a 5/7 with my 10w , so with the time I did spend operating it was a good week for me - hoping to improve on that next week ?


  1. Hi Peter, TF3PPN is a lot on 30m PSK but also on RTTY. I did hear him yesterday on RTTY. Although I do not have much time for radio at the moment I will concentrate on 30m digital again this summer as my vertical length and SWR is best on this band. Hope to meet you some time. 73, Bas

  2. Hi Bas:

    I had previously only worked TF on CW so it was nice to get him on Psk for the first time - Have been monitoring 30m last week - its very quiet - but surprising number of stations come up throughout the day - I am sure our paths will cross very soon.

    Rgds Peter


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